Friday, January 10, 2014

Cute Clutch Diary and other surprises with CLEO January 2014 ^_^

Women’s magazine is awesome right? You do not only get the latest news and tips on fashion and beauty, sometimes you get some goodies also :D Last month's The Women's Weekly and Lisa were awesome with their GWP, and this month, it was CLEO!!!

I have been reading CLEO since I was still in Form 3 or Form 4...those time, I didn't buy but borrowed from friends...I only bought my first CLEO when I was in Form 6, and it was a 'wedding edition' if not mistaken :p I don't buy every month though, only occasionally when I like the cover and of course, when there's awesome GWP :D

CLEO has been putting hints in its FB page that every copy of CLEO January 2014 would come with a CLEO Limited Edition Clutch Diary. When I saw the diary cover design, I was like omg!!! There were 3 designs available randomly, and I’m so dying to have the leopard design; it was so pretty!! I initially planned to get a copy within that week itself (last week of December), but I ended up only getting it on the first day of January 2014 lol…a New Year gift for myself? Hehe…

By then, the announcement that the CLEO’s Collector Edition January 2014 was already out…the Collector Edition is a limited edition collaboration in conjunction with the magazine’s new look, and was for sale at selected book stores in Klang Valley at RM30 each…Each edition comes with a Biotherm PURE.FECT SKIN PureTrio 123 set worth RM200, on top of the clutch diary…great deal right? :D :D

Nevertheless, because I already have a trial set of PURE.FECT still hibernating in my vanity drawer, I decided to skip the Collector Edition…(actually, I do feel a bit regret now T.T) Luckily for me, the CLEO at Borders The Gardens Mall has the clutch diary not hidden in between the magazine pages and the magazine itself was wrapped in plastic bag, so I can choose my preferred design ^_^

While the design of the clutch diary is cool, the material is not lol…it’s actually a soft cover and the design is printed on the cover; not a 3D texture…anyway, overall it’s still a pretty cool clutch diary for me to use in year 2014 :D

There’s more surprises in the CLEO January 2014 :D There’s a redemption card for the new AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask EX which was just recently launched :D Wow…so now I got to compare the AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask and AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask EX huh? Am going to make trip to Pavilion KL soon to redeem the new sleeping mask, hehe….(AUPRES, why you no open counter at 1Utama??? T.T)

In CLEO January 2014 it was enclosed with a sachet of Olay Aquaction Deep Hydrating Gel 2g. The Olay Aquaction Deep Hydrating Gel was also newly launched and it’s good that I get to try it now,  but I think 2g is a very small amount lah >v<”

There's also a piece of Bioré Cleansing Strips Pore Pack. I was actually very happy seeing the Bioré Cleansing Strips Pore Pack. Every time I was at Watsons or Guardian, I would stare at the Bioré Cleansing Strips Pore Pack and thinking whether it would work for me (oh, I have a blackhead-nose >.<) Yet, I never buy one to try haih….so this strip is very useful for me to test and try :D

There is even RM50,000 worth of goodies to give away from CLEO January 2014 :D Just cut out and send in the coupons found in the magazine, and sit back and wait for the results ;-) You could win a five-star holiday, beauty and hair treats, fragrances, sunglasses, and many more! But nah....I think it's so troublesome (and so un-environment friendly) to cut the coupons, go to post office, and send each coupon in SEPARATE envelopes...I really wonder why CLEO can't do give away via online like Female or HerWorld do, since all are under BluInc?

Overall, I am really happy with the GWP for CLEO January 2014. Hope more local magazines could come out with such awesome GWP…that would encourage me to spend more on reading materials :D

Did you manage to get a copy of the CLEO January 2014 too? Share your feedback and happiness ^_^


  1. yes, i got it 3 colors notebooks at once too, same here for not picking up the bioterm set, as too many skincare at home.

    Happy Chinese New Year

    1. Hi Wendy, you got 3 mean you bought 3 copies? @.@

      Haha...too many skincare until don't know which one to use right?

      Happy Chinese New Year to you too...have a blast :D


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