Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nivea New Store and Skin Conditioner

Just last week, when I was roaming at 1Utama, I saw a new pop-up store nearby Aveda store, which was still construction in progress. And today, when I went to 1Utama again, the store has already opened for patrons!! It is the new Nivea pop-up store, and I got to say, the store is interesting!!

Why interesting? Because it has a built-in shower glass, with real water from the shower rose!! And there are basins complete with mirror, and also small little tiles in various blue'd feel like as if you were in a bathroom!!! >v<

The store was having a promotion on the new Nivea Skin Conditioner. According to the promoter girl there, the stocks have just arrived to Malaysia few days ago and only that Nivea pop-up store and selected Guardian outlets are selling the products at the moment.

Wondering what is "skin conditioner"? Well, I was puzzled too initially. Basically, it's a conditioner, but for the body not for hair lol...or if you like, you may call it a rinse-off body lotion. What it means is, basically after you have rinsed-off your normal shower product, apply this lotion and the rinse-off...and voila, a silky soft skin feeling when stepping out of the shower ^_^ And you do not need to apply additional body lotion afterwards ^_^

The promoter girl gave me some samples so I have personally tried it, and am lovin' it!!! There are 2 variants available; the white bottle for normal skin while the blue bottle for dry skin...Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved, and it is free of artificial colours and silicons, so save all the worries ^^ If you would like to try too, quick, there's some promotion going on and I think it's pretty good deal :D :D :D

Share your thought after using the rinse-off lotion, ok? ^_^ (oh, so soft my skin...)

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