Sunday, December 1, 2013

Modbox November Edition - The Most Affordable Beauty Box in Malaysia!!!!

Ok, probably you have read so many times of this...I'm sorry if I keep repeating myself, yet I want to again say I was so damn busy every day, and was too tired by the time I came home after work, that I 'abandoned' this blog....again...for weeks....haih, 24-hour is really too short; there are so many things I want to do yet there is so little time....I know many that work on their blogs at midnight but I couldn't afford that due to health reason...

Now when I typed the word 'afford', it came across to me that, Modbox is probably the most affordable beauty box in Malaysia...haha, wanna know why? Do read on then  。^‿^。

Yup I want to introduce my very first Modbox, of the November edition....remember my last post? I won this from Lina's giveaway (=^ω^)y=

Opening the box...Look!! There's a personal message from Lina to me, hehe....there's also greetings and product description flip card from the Modbox Crew :)

Introducing the products now!! (*≧▽≦)

1) Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner (15ml)

When I saw this Murad toner, I thought it comes just at the right time!!! I have the Murad cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream and sunblock, but short of the, this fills the gap ^^ Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner is the bestselling toner from Murad, that balances and neutralizes surface impurities. This toner will help to restore skin's suppleness to its former glory. Can't wait to try this toner :D

2) Human Nature Strengthening Shampoo with CREAMFoam (50ml) - Full Size!

This is my first Human Nature!! As this is a strengthening shampoo, again this comes just at the right time as well as I need products to strengthen my hair from fall. This shampoo can reduce hair fall by up to 80%!! It is also rich in Philippine coco nectar and hydrolyzed proteins that rebuild hair and help retain moisture. Another great product to try (´ω`★)

3) Rescare Aqua Peeling Body Exfoliating Spray (300ml) - Full Size!

I never try body exfoliating spray before!! And also this is my first Rescare too...This spray is from Korea and is packed with natural plant ingredients that exfoliate while keeping the skin moisturized. I'm so gonna to try this soon...woohoo, my first body exfoliating experience o(^▽^)o

Guess what...I love all the products!! Lina seems to have 'power' to know what I like lol....And the total value?

Do you see the awesome-ness? The total box value is about RM97.57....but do you know what is even awesome? Modbox is open for subscription for RM9 ONLY!!!! But RM9 is excluding postage fee; just add RM6 for Peninsular and RM9 for Sabah/ Sarawak...yet it is still an awesome beauty at extremely affordable price!!

Even more more awesome is, you get to choose the sample!! No more unwanted surprise; but pick your own preferred product and the Modbox crew team will then send to you!! Awesome!!!

With all the awesomeness....I think I will subscribe too for myself and also as gifts, hehe... (✿´‿`) And I think you should too, to pamper yourself, lol...Learn more about Modbox here: ^_^


  1. Wow I bought the aqua peeling at full price from modbox ler. U so lucky!

    1. You did?? Have you used it?? How was it?? Hehe, mind to share your review here? :P

    2. Yawoh, dint realise this item was part of the samples option. :(

      Hmm I haven't blogged it, but it quite good. Not 100% effective, but d peeling can cleanse up the surface dirt n dry skin. Hehe really have rajin use it. :P

    3. I think they just included this body peeling spray in the sample option after the other is out of stock. Anyway thanks to Lina I got this spray ^_^ And also thanks to your feedback; at least I have the benchmarked expectation there :) Look forward to your blog review on this ;-)


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