Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Pampering Treats by Aupres

Just before entering December, the month of giving and loving (Christmas month mah!!), I spent the lovely morning with Aupres (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I have heard a lot about Aupres (French for "next to you, close to you") being one of the favourite brands in China, so this morning was a great opportunity for me to discover more about Aupres.

When I reached Aupres counter at Parkson Pavilion, I saw that the beauty advisor was serving another customer. So I went to walk around for half an hour, came back, and the customer was still there =.=" The customer was there for the pampering treats too, so it means she has cut queue eh...anyway, 10 minutes later finally it was my turn, although my session was supposed to start 40 minutes ago...ouch wasting my time!!

The beauty advisor did apologise to me, so....made me 'cold' a bit lah, hehe...She, Miky, first started with a short interview about my skin condition, and what products that I'm currently using...pretty standard huh? Everywhere I went, every brand, that would be the first things to happen; personalised skin consultation, lol...So after understanding my skin condition, she recommended some Aupres products that are suitable for me that can address my skin concern...

I gotta say Aupres products are really not that expensive at all!! To me, the prices are affordable and reasonable for the amount offered in a bottle or container...nevertheless, I didn't pick up any though, due to the massive number of skincare products lying everywhere in my house =.=" But I would be interested to try Aupres, so I'd keep in my buying list first :p

Miky then started a mini facial with the products that are suitable for me. From the facial, I can feel the texture and the scent, and I must say, it's pretty good!! I'm comfortable with the scent, and the texture is soft and like like!! Miky also used a handheld machine to massage on my face. The machine produced some kind of heat to stimulate the blood circulation on the face and also to help the products to penetrate better into skin.

After facial, Miky did a hand massage for me. I love hand massage. It made me feel comfortable, relaxed and also because I always look forward to the after- result. Hands would feel oh-so-soft, and the scent lingers for good feel hours always make me feel mesmerized. Miky is actually quite small size in person, so her massage pressure is quite soft, lol...but anyway, still ok lah... ( ˘⌣˘ )

The pampering treats is supposed to consist of flash make up too, but I declined the treat. Aih, so lazy to remove the makeup later, lol....So after the session, I thank Miky and promised I would look for her if I want to buy Aupres products later....She thanked me, and then handed to me a mini Aupres goodie bag...oh, so sweet of her!!

The goodie bag consists of some samples of Aupres products that Miky has chosen for me according to my skin condition, and also a small jar of Sticky candy treat!! Love it!!! 

Thank you Aupres for the wonderful pampering treats, to prep me to a dreamy Christmas month :)

p/s: I won a full-sized of the famous Aupres Sleeping Mask from a contest....check back often for my review on why the Aupres Sleeping Mask is a favourite among women in China :D

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