Friday, October 25, 2013

An Afternoon at the Zurich TrueLady Tea Party

Early last week, I received a call from an unknown number and the lady on the phone spoke super soft that I could barely hear what she said. I remember I asked her to repeat few times lol, and finally I got it that I was selected as the lucky 200 to be part of the Zurich TrueLady Tea Party 。^‿^。

Zurich TrueLady Tea Party is a tea party to pamper ladies with grooming, fun and learning. All these to help ladies to appreciate how beautiful it is to be a lady. I got to know this event from a social media site I think...I just registered my details, shared with Sis on the event, then have almost forgotten about it lol...the phone call was a day brightener though....sweeter is, Sis was also selected, so we went together, yeah!!! \(^.^)/

Look!! Beautiful backdrop with a beautiful slogan...I felt so much appreciated as a lady lol...We arrived the venue just few minutes before 2pm...after registration, each of us were given a goodie bag, and also a redemption slip... the redemption slip entitled each registered participant to an array of pampering treats (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Excited hor?? :)

Not only pampering treats, we were also treated with sumptuous snacks and pastries that arh....just the right time!! I hadn't have lunch yet, so....Zurich really understands me, right? The cream puff was my favourite, no doubt!! 

The moment that we've been waiting for finally arrived!! Elaine Daly, an iconic lady for Malaysian women came up to the stage and delivered her welcoming speech, and gosh...she is beautiful!! And tall!! LoL... Elaine is currently an ambassador for Zurich Malaysia and according to her, she first accepted the proposal without thinking much on the compensation yet she confessed that working with Zurich has became one of the best decision of her life. :)

Zurich TrueLady is a special plan designed for women solely from our understanding and recognition of the many roles a woman will take on in the course of her life. It is a single comprehensive policy that evolves and grows to protect a woman’s changing roles and needs, from a single to married lady, followed by pregnancy and childbirth, and all the way through motherhood. It puts ladies first, in every way, by taking into consideration what makes her feel secure, at every stage of her life.

The concept of Zurich TrueLady was demonstrated well with the stage performance; ballet dances that reflect the chapters women have to go through in life. (ok, maybe not all women...not every women would get married or have baby right? LoL) I enjoyed the performance so much; it was done so professionally and I wish I could dance freely like that? (haha dreaming...keep dreaming...)

After the performance, Elaine was back to the stage again, and shared the insight of some of her life experiences and inspiring stories on how she managed to achieve to what she is today...She also shared her tips on maintaining good balance between career and health, as well as personal life...I really like how she delivered her answer so professionally, so womanly, when posed questions by the audience...there was this uncle who asked, how to make the wife to always look beautiful and not sluggish, or something like that lah...I have to admit I was offended when I hear the question. Wasn't it insulting? In other words, the uncle looks at physical appearance only instead of the inner beauty of his wife. But hey, Elaine managed to reply to that uncle so beautifully!! That got me to starting to admire her lol...(✿´‿`)

After Elaine's session, Jil Yong, a professional makeup artist, took over the stage with grooming and makeup demo. I'm not going to talk much on this as I found it to be pretty boring's standard lah -- makeup must match face feature lah bla bla bla...but to be honest, I don't think her makeup was nice lah...sorry Jil, but that was my first impression lol...

Vincent, a professional hairstylist, then showed the crowd on how to style the hair in just 5 minutes, and how to transform from a formal hairstyle to a casual hairstyle (or is it the other way round?)...anyway, I also didn't really pay attention to it :p

Actually, there was also a talk on healthy diet but Sis and I have walked away from the stage, and proceed to the beauty booths to get pampered (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) The queue was super long for all the booths!! Finally we decided to do only and hairstyling, no need lah coz everything would be taken off once reach home lol...

But but but...the manicure was done really badly I would say, as there were no top coats after the nail polish and there was no waiting period for the manicure to dry properly...our manicures were spoiled even before we managed to take a sad!!! 

After a quick healthcheck, we left and went home. And remove the manicure once reached home lol...

Goodie bag content revealed!! Not bad huh? See the little Zurich box? Wondering what's inside the box?

It's a beautiful rose diamante locket!! The first time I saw it, I have already fall in love with it, awwww....(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♥

And my surprise, the locket is actually a thumb drive!! Double awww....!!!

Overall, the event was not so bad lah, especially Elaine Daly's sharing session, the ballet performance, and of course, the oh-so-pretty locket...hehe...thank you Zurich for having me and my Sis... 。^‿^。

To know more about Zurich TrueLady, log on to
Life's beautiful at every stage when you have a sure plan.

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