Thursday, July 25, 2013

Defy Aging with Neutrogena AGELESS Anti-wrinkle and Firming Products

In less than a year from now, I would be hitting the big 3-0...but people especially strangers think that I'm still in early 20s lol...during a recent event, a fellow blogger thought I was only 19 HAHAHAHA....but hey, how long would that last? Clock is ticking and so do my skin yo...time for me to look for something that can help me look younger at least for a little bit more time...

Those of you who got the Neutrogena skincare set with purchase of the magazine The Malaysian Women's Weekly, have you been trying the product? How was it? In this post, allow me to share with you what I think about this anti-aging products   ヾ(^^ゞ)

So, the skincare set that comes with the magazine consists of three products:
◕ Neutrogena AGELESS Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Cleanser (100g)
◕ Neutrogena AGELESS Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Tonic Water Lotion (150mL)
◕ Neutrogena AGELESS Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Lotion SPF 20 PA++ (40ml)

Before that, I just want to say, I really, really like the bright red color packaging with a touch of silver...the color combination makes the product looks elegant and confident (^∇^)

Neutrogena AGELESS Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Cleanser
◕ An age-fighting cleanser that gently cleanses to remove surface oil and impurities while maintaining skin's natural moisture barrier. 
◕ Restores skin moisture balance and prepares for your next skincare steps to revive and illuminate skin for youthful vibrancy day after day.

This cleanser is of cream type, and very easy to lather into foam. I have a habit of leaving cleanser on my face for few minutes before rinsing it off. Sometimes, I can totally forget about it thus leaving it on for like 30 minutes =.=" I know this is a very bad habit as it would cause my skin becomes dry or itchy...yet, this cleanser doesn't make my skin dry although it sits on my face for 30 other words, this cleanser is very moisturising and makes my face look really 'cleaned' after rinsing...and I like that my face becomes 'bouncy' after using this!!   o((*^▽^*))o

Neutrogena AGELESS Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Tonic Water Lotion
◕ An age-fighting tonic lotion designed to be instantly absorbed by skin to hydrate and recharge skin to smooth youthful vibrancy day after day. 
◕ Provides essential vitamins that boosts and awaken cells of skin layers, maximizing efficacy of your next skincare steps.

I know it's silly, but I really like the scent of this tonic lotion lol...the scent are so fruitilicious that it reminds me of the Isabelle Lancray Bodylia Body Cream  *(*´∀`*)☆  After use, my skin feels refreshed and soft...And like the cleanser, it's not drying out my skin...and it absorbed very fast I'd this too ^_^

Neutrogena AGELESS Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Lotion SPF 20 PA++
An age-fighting formula that gives targeted care to every skin layer - smoothening wrinkles and firming skin to revive and illuminate skin for youthful vibrancy day after day. 
With SPF 20 that protects against UV rays and environmental aggressors, this silky non-oily lotion brightens and leaves skin smooth through the day.


I applied this as the last step of my morning skincare regime...I appreciate that other than moisturising this product also helps to shield my skin from the harmful UV rays...the lotion absorbs really fast and doesn't make my skin greasy at initial use...perhaps due to the fast absorption, sometimes I feel that it makes me look like I have not applied anything on the face and worries me would my skin become dry...silly huh? And after about one week of usage, I started to have minor breakout with pimples on my face, and I know it's not caused by the cleanser and toner...maybe this lotion cream is too rich for my skin...

One thing I don't really like however, is the short tip of the dispenser...I think it's too short that sometimes it's a mess when I pump the lotion out...the lotion fells half on my palm, and fells another half on the bottle side =.="

Note that the ingredients for all these three Neutrogena AGELESS products are including the botanical formula of Dill and Blackberry combo, that are clinically proven to help penetrate and strengthen different skin layers to fill and firm skin, and also to help restore elastin, diminishing wrinkles from within. They are all: Dermatologist Tested - Scientifically Tested - Non-Comedogenic.

Overall, I think the Neutrogena AGELESS products are good in defying aging as it does make the skin radiant, bouncy and moisturising...but I'm not sure about firming...I think my skin is still unsuitable to examine whether these products if used long enough would help in firming the skin...Having say that, the Neutrogena AGELESS products are probably more suitable for those who are 30 least I know the lotion are not really for me....I have since gave all these to my Mom...

How about your experience? Have you tried them out? Please share and discuss   ^_^


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