Sunday, May 5, 2013

RM1 for The Body Shop Shower Gel...yeah!!!

Today is the day....big day for all Malaysians....General Election 13, the long awaited election for all right-minded Malaysians...

This morning, I reached my polling centre by around 8.30am...and after more than 30-45 minutes...tada!!!!

Then after breakfast, I headed to The Body Shop at AEON Maluri ^^

Wondering why? Hehe....

Show your index finger and you'll be able to buy The Body Shop 60ml Shower Gel for RM1 only instead of RM8.90...woohoo :D :D

I got two flavor; Satsuma and Strawberry...each voter can only get one, so I 'borrow' my brother's finger, hehe :P

Will do a review soon, ok?

Kudos to The Body Shop Malaysia for encouraging Malaysians to vote :D 

Hope you have gotten yours too ^_^ and let's pray for a better Malaysia...


Do you have anything to share? I'd love to hear from you (^-^*)/


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