Monday, April 15, 2013

The Lavender Scent at Crabtree & Evelyn

Who will not fall in love with a wide field of lavender? Lavender, the common name of Lavandula, are cultivated extensively for its various benefits e.g. therapy oil, medication, culinary herbs or as landscape beautification.

Personally, I am not really fond of lavender on its own as one stalk...but I'm crazy about lavender field!!!

I have always wanted to go Hokkaido to surround myself with the scent of lavender and the color of the light purple everywhere. Imagine, standing in the middle of lavender field with sunrise as the background...or, picnic with my loved one in the middle of the lavender feels so serene, so calm, feels like a start of a new brighter day lol....but my dream has yet to come true...heck, I promise I would be there one day, hehe...

This Lavender Post (yes, I named this post as Lavender Post, haha) is actually triggered from the Lavender Collection of Crabtree & Evelyn (C&E)...these few days I keep seeing the Lavender Collection every time I pass by the C&E outlet at 1U and Sogo, so I decided to have a post on Lavender, one of my favourite plant (in 'farm' or 'field' form, lol) ^^

I have tried the Lavender Body Lotion on the back of my palm at 1U outlet ...the white lotion texture is smooth, however the scent is too strong for me...didn't try the EDT -- also available for testing -- though...

Anyway, the C&E website has all the details you need to know about the C&E Lavender Collection. And the C&E Facebook page also flooded with Lavender pictures everyday, haha...I know because I'm a fan and every morning I would see a new post on Lavender =.=

And that's why I know about C&E's latest sample giveaway for this Lavender Collection :)

Just went to Sogo outlet to collect the sample... the promoter (omg, I asked her name but now I forgot =.=") was so kind to give me both the Lavender Body Lotion and Lavender EDT sample, cause I think it's supposed to be one sample per person. I will give this sample to my dear sister who loves lavender scent so much ^^

Lavender Body Lotion 
(Retail Price: RM88 for 245ml)

Lavender Eau de Toilette 
(Retail Price: RM175 for 100ml / RM85 for 30ml)

If you intend to buy as a gift for your loved ones, friends or for yourself, now is a good time cause C&E is having promotion (yay for good bargain ^^)

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