Sunday, April 7, 2013

Open Hyperlinks in new Tabs or Windows automatically...

I have always wondered whether there's a way for ALL hyperlinks on my blog to open in a new window...Searched the web, and most of the tricks that I found need to install a third-party widgets, which instantly turned me off...

But a friend had been kind enough to teach me this simple's really amazingly simple, hohoho ^^ (happy MooN!!) 

And I'm gonna share the trick with you here :D :D

Step 1: Go to your blog Design, and click on "Template" menu. Then click on "Edit HTML" button.

Step 2: You'll see a bunch of HTML codes of your blog template. Search for the wording "/head"; or alternately, you may also want to search the tag instead...(see below image)

Step 3: Now type the code as highlighted in image below, just above the previous code. 

Step 4: After that save your template and you're done!!!

Darn simple right?

I feel so happy to have found this little trick that does wonder to my I don't have to right-click "open in another tab" or "window" in order to navigate to a new page yet at the same time staying at the current page, cause this little trick does that for me automatically :D :D

Ah erm...this trick may be an old trick and lame to others (ok, I admit I'm HTML-dummy =.="), but it has totally made my day :D :D

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