Monday, December 31, 2012

Starbucks Lucky Treat

I was merely helping my colleague to pay for the Starbucks via RHB Debit Card (because there was promotion buy 1 free 1 on every Fridays, until 31 December 2012; and only I have the RHB Debit Card)....then the barista 'surprised' me "Heh ya!!! You are our lucky customer today!!!"

Apparently Starbucks were having this promotional campaign to get the lucky patrons to do some customer experience survey on Starbucks. As a token of appreciation, the participants can redeem any beverage of tall size, within 14 days of the receipt date.

This was the first page prompted via the link given in the receipt....

... and this was the welcome note after successfully entered the 'Customer Code'.

At the end of the survey, the Beverage Offer ID will be given...just jot the ID on the invitation receipt...

...and order any beverage of your choice!!!

Mmmm....Starbucks Chocolate, especially when it was free, tasted so goooooooood!!!!!!!!

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