Friday, November 23, 2012

Free workshop -- really ar? No free lunch in this world, ok...

Free Image Branding Workshop

So I went to this "Power Up Your Brand" workshop two weeks ago. When I reached the boutique, it was only me and the other two other participants. Well, the boutique is nice, cozy and comfortable. 

                                                                  Image source: Emage Grooming Boutique

After waited more than 20 minutes and when more participants have came in, the workshop started. 

The trainer, Evelyn Ch'ng, started the workshop interestingly, got us to be actively interact with each other. She also showed us how each person has different "colour energy" for garments and attires, and I also like the way how she linked buying a diamond to identifying self-image.

Along the way however, although I was still interested with the class, I was starting to feel annoyed at the same time. Instead of a meaningful workshop on its own, I felt that this so-call 'workshop' is more like a preview for its 'Style & Grace Workshop', or is it 'Image & Etiquette' workshop? Oh, whatever...

Why did I feel that way? Coz in every topic only a little information was given to us, and then we were fed with this typical line; "If you attend our this-and-that workshop, you'll learn more bla-bla-bla..." and then "If you sign up today, you'll get the early bird price and more goodies." or "If you want to earn more, you should attend the workshop..."


I got the ticket for free. I wonder how would those who actually paid for it, would feel. Har, this 'workshop' even made its way to the social mass purchase site, like Living Social and Milk A Deal.

Well, this workshop is by no means a good preview for those who really have the intention to sign up for the 'more expensive' workshop. But I couldn't bear with being pushed to buy a product by the trainer, every time she had the chance. What, only one image consulting firm in this country meh? 

Free Share Trading Workshop

I have experienced worse though. 

It was a workshop conducted by Fabian Lim, an internet marketer. I got the free ticket via a lucky draw during an investment expo. But the workshop was nothing more than a platform to market his share trading system. Can't remember the system name though.

Anyway, he started the workshop with how rich he was, and wanted to share his secret with us. And the secret was the system, and so he said that we should buy the system too. The system was not cheap though, it costs thousands. And when many did not respond (some did though), he started to utter remarks like "If you want to continue to work 9-6 with low salary, go ahead..." and the like. Wow....

Lesson Learnt

Perhaps it's the marketing strategy. Strategy to push people to buy their products. But really, I will be more forgiving if I'm told upfront that this 'workshop' will not be beneficial unless I attend the full course. I just don't like to be duped into attending some seminar or workshop, expecting to learn something, only to leave disappointed.

Well, many may not agree with me. Many will say, this is marketing; "If you don't agree, then you know nothing about marketing." But hey, self-styled gurus make money from the fees you pay them, no? If they have a formula to make millions from the internet or whatever, they will not be teaching you.

Anyway, it's really up to you. If you believe these pre-workshops can help you and you have the time and money to spare, why not. But for me, this shall be the end.

And above all, I have learnt that, 
When it is free and sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

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