Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yut Kee Roast Pork - Heaven!!

I was spring-cleaning my lappie when I came across some pictures taken during one of the many meals with my colleagues. And I have decided - Yut Kee Roast Pork was one of my best lunches on Fridays!!

Kedai Makanan Yut Kee has a very long history, dated back to 1928 if not mistaken. Located at Jalan Dang Wangi, the small restaurant offers many delicious food and is always full of customers...some of the popular dishes are Lum Mee, Hainanese Chicken Chop, Roti Babi (what a name!!), Baked Kaya Roll and many other chinese fried dishes.

Heck, the Roasted Pork Roll is still the best!! The roast pork set comes with potato wedges and mixed beans, made tastier by the rich and flavourful brown sauce. Mind you, it's not cheap set costed RM17.50 the last time I had it :)

 The pork roll is ready to be butchered

 The roast pork set comes with potato wedges and mixed beans

Look!! All of us ordering the same dish ^^

The crispy meat made you fall in love instantly with first bite, like how I experienced it ^^

Ugh...i'm drooling...going again this Friday...hohoho :P

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