Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Beautiful Xi Shi

Have you ever heard of Xi Shi?

Xi Shi (Chinese: 西施; pinyin: Xī Shī) was one of the Four Beauties in the ancient China. Apparently her beauty was so extraordinary that her appearance would sink the most beautiful fish, lol ^^ you can read her stories here and here...

Two years back during a trip to Shanghai, i had the chance to visit the The Temple of Xi Shi (aka The Memorial of Xi Shi), which is located at Shaoxing. The temple surrounding is spacious, complete with a nice pond (a symbolic must have in almost all Chinese houses, gardens or temples). Architecture wise, needless to say, it just tremendous!! Tour guide Susan told us about the history of the Xi Shi temple, but I have forgotten already now, haha...

 Once you enter from the main entrance, you'll be greeted with this huge building

 The signage on the right side when walk in from main entrance

 Almost there....

 Sculpture of Xi Shi....she's pretty right?

 After visiting 'Xi Shi', climbed to the top hill was summer so it was very very sunny and hot and humid...urgh...

Wonderful view from the top hill !! Green landscape, flowing river and towers of antique buildings... haven!!

There's one local delicacy, the mixed bean curd which is very soft and addicting. Since it's originating from Xi Shi's hometown, the locals has called the delicacy 'Xi Shi Tofu', a tribute to Xi Shi's beauty and elegance. A must-try if you have the chance to visit there ^^

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