Sunday, January 17, 2010

Puzzle #1: Move 3 matchsticks to make 3 squares

Today, a few good friends and I decided to have our lunch at Bubba Gump at The Curve...while waiting for our yummy meal to be served, one of the waitresses had our IQ challenged!!

The waitress arranged 12 matchsticks as shown below:

The challenge: Move 3 matchsticks to make 3 same size squares
Reward: One glass of bottomless softdrinks

We stared at the matchsticks, tried and error, but not long after that our meal were served...which indicated the end time for solving the puzzle....

Not satisfied, I kept thinking the puzzle and eureka!!! It was not that difficult actually, and I don't understand why I need so much fact, I almost got it at the first place!!

Update @29 July 2012: Added new puzzle: Number Sequence Puzzle


  1. I don't get that. Where did you get the right stick from?

  2. I think that this explains me alot.Thank you. Great explaing how to solv this problem. And also, nice picture. When I see that picture, it explains me!

  3. this doesn't really explain anything to me, i just don't get it.

  4. Hi anon@feb27 and anon@apr20, 2012....

    Follow through the picture and you should be able to get it...

    In the second picture, the match sticks in grey shade have been moved to form the new square on the bottom right ;-)

  5. thanks! helped with homework


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