Sunday, November 29, 2009

When I was bored and had nothing to do...

... I snapped pictures!!

It was damn boring during my attachment with Market Risk Management, especially after I have completed the morning COB report...Being at 26th floor of Menara Maybank, I had a good 'helicopter view' of the metropolitan city, although I think the view from KLCC should be much better...

The famous 'dome' of the Masjid Negara was captured in this picture, along with the 'white building' (I still don't know what building is that, albeit passing by thousands of times)

Menara Maybank is near to two LRT stations, Plaza Rakyat station and Masjid Jamek station. Therefore the track for LRT can be seen clearly...I waited for a train to come and *snapped*

Can you spot a building with a 'bowl' on the top in the picture below? That is the Dataran Takaful building, where FSTEP is located at 2nd floor!!

The Masjid Jamek station, and also Etiqa, Bank Muamalat, OCBC Bank and Bank Negara!!


  1. Funnnnnnnn! At least u can cuci mata.
    I moved to Ambank Pudu 2 weeks ago. 12-storey building; my dept is in 11th floor; and the only view is Puduraya.How depressing.Hahaha.

    And not forgotten the place is SOOOOOOOO boring.I finished reading 2 novels in one week;that's how free I am.

    I'm counting days for the internship to end. See you next week!

  2. haha..i thought so, but i have just moved to 4th more cuci mata :'( internship is boring too...still thinking how to persuade my supervisor not to offer me job..wahahaha xD


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