Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Inaugural Brown Bag Series by 1 Utama; thoughful feel-good workshops that matter

I was tremendously excited when 1 Utama announced on its Facebook page on this exciting "Brown Bag Series" workshop. And thus I quickly registered myself to attend the very first workshop, held on the 3rd November, and was limited to 40 participants only. So what is this "Brown Bag Series"?

The "Brown Bag Series" is a series of energizing, feel-good Health & Wellness workshops organized by 1 Utama every month with event partner Cold Storage. The workshops are introduced with the objective of providing the participants fun activities to learn from so that they can walk away with healthy tips to apply to daily lives.

Now....why was I so excited on this "Brown Bag Series" workshop?

✿ Ever since I was diagnosed with critical illness, I have been more conscious on health, especially on the food that I consume. Less salt, less meat, less processed food, more fruits, more vegetables. So this workshop would give me some great healthy tips for my daily diet.

✿ I used to cook (but very rare) for the sake of cooking. To save money lah konon nye....the induction cooker that I bought in 2013 was really, really under utilised. Not until recently. Since I have more time to spare now since August, I have been actively cooking at home. I would search for recipes online that are simple for beginner cook like me. And over the time, I have actually developed the love for cooking, this workshop is just great to allow me to learn some simple yet healthy dishes. (^_^)

✿ Did I mention before 1 Utama is my favourite shopping mall? Apart from having most of the stores I frequent under one roof, 1 Utama is also great in bringing awesome and engaging events that keep the mall alive and more shoppers to come!! Now I'm pretty sure this "Brown Bag Series" is one of the exciting events because guess what, in this very first workshop, they have invited award-winning Chef Federico Michieletto and celebrity Amber Chia to grace the event. o(^∀^*)o

Now, allow me to feed you some of the pictures I took during the event. (^v^)

Are you curious why brown bag is used? It's actually simple; because it's trendy, eco-friendly and easy to carry. 1 Utama is trying to advocate the usage of brown paper bags in replace of harmful non-degradable plastic bags. And I'm all for anything environmental friendly (hey, I used to be the President of Green Club back in school ~(˘▾˘~)).

Chef Federico Michieletto is currently the Head of Culinary for Marini’s on 57. He has also been recognized amongst others by the notable Bocuse D’or Asia, for Best Italian Chef of the Year 2012, Winner of the Gourmand award for Best Italian Book 2008 and is also the ex-president of the Chef Association of Malaysia.

Celebrity guest, supermodel and actress Amber Chia joined Chef Federico on stage for the cookout too!

For this first workshop, Monte Verde was event partner too, apart from Cold Storage. The Monte Verde products were used in the cooking demonstration, and all the products are obtainable at Cold Storage. On the menu were Bruschetta Toast, Monte Verde Pasta, Carbonara Pasta and other Italian cuisine.

I love how Chef Federico demonstrated his cooking while giving explanation on how to prepare those dishes. He made it like everything was so easy, and that it's not a rocket science to prepare a healthy yet delicious pasta dish! (◕‿◕✿)

Picture credit to 1 Utama FB

Picture credit to 1 Utama FB 

Picture credit to 1 Utama FB 

One of the participant showing off her cooking skill too (^_^)

The generous Chef Federico brought treats for us; the Panna Cotta!! I was very delighted because I love love love deserts (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) (sorry for the blur picture >_<)

And finally, how can I forgo the chance to take pictures together with Chef Federico and Amber Chia? o(^∀^*)o

Why is this picture so blur?? (-_-) (looking at Penn Tan)

Curious what's inside the brown bag? It was filled with healthy snacks, fruits and organic juice; sponsored by Cold Storage. All registered participants get to take home a brown bag (hence the campaign name!) filled with healthy nutritious gifts at every workshop, yeay!! o(^∀^*)o 

I really enjoyed myself and have learnt a lot from this first workshop of the "Brown Bag Series". And I'm serious! Because I have just created this pasta which was inspired directly from what I have learnt from the workshop. And I must say I am really looking forward to the next workshop in December (◕‿◕✿)

If you are interested to join too, be sure to register for the next workshop. Hurry though, because each workshop is limited to 40 participants only, first come first let's wait for the announcement on the second workshop...can't wait!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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