Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shizens Exclusive Private Workshop - All about Youthful Skin!!

Shizens caught my attention not too long ago, when I first heard of the brand during the launch of the "Stand Firm Stay Firm" campaign. The brand has been around for few years yet I only aware about it just recently, haha...pardon me for being ignorant, but well, I was only started to have interest in beauty products since last year so I guess it's not a biggie...:P

Anyway...Shizens is a home grown brand here in Malaysia, and is propelling its expansion nationwide and also regionally. Shizens offers a comprehensive range of skin care and cosmetic products produced by bountiful natural ingredients and formulated in countries such as Japan and Korea, each in its own elegant packaging I would say (think about glasses, woohoo~ but there's something about the Lip Tattoo leaking bottle but I'm not going to elaborate here~)

In conjunction with the Shizens' latest product "Time Resistance Essence" (which is featured everywhere!!! Posters in malls, magazines, social medias etc), Shizens organized an exclusive private workshop on 5 July 2014 at Shizens Pavilion, where participants get to enjoy one-to-one skin consultation by Shizens skin expert.

I arrived at the event just on time when the workshop was about to start :P After a brief welcome speech by the Brand Manager, the skin specialist took over the floor. The Ms Skin Specialist (I couldn't remember her name >_<) shared with us on the skin anatomy and how the skin depreciate in terms of moisture, firm and elasticity due to factors like environment, lifestyle, poor skincare regime etc..

Some of the symptoms of aging:
  • From very fine lines in the 20s to noticeable wrinkles after 30s at forehead.
  • Expression lines form around the cheek and eye areas.
  • Fine lines and sagging skin start to develop around the mouth.
  • The Skin down the jaw line loses elasticity.

And how shall we treat it?
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Always stay hydrated by using toners and moisturizers to achieve long lasting moisture and anti-aging effect.
  • Avoid harsh cleansing and exfoliating products.
  • Sun protection.
  • Maintain a healthy and relaxing lifestyle.

After the talk, each of us were attended by a Beauty Advisor to try on some of the Shizens products...

I particularly like this Silky Renewal Gel, which is an exfoliator to achieve that brighter complexion :D

The participants were also given a free 1-to-1 skin consultation by Ms Skin Specialist, with the aid of a special machine that can scan deep inside our skin...

There was a long queue so while waiting for my turn, I treated myself with the light refreshment provided....yum yum ^_^

At the end of the workshop, each participant was given a goodie bag worth RM280 each!!

And of course, I took the opportunity also to use the RM200 cash voucher I won from the "Stand Firm Stay Firm" campaign, to purchase some of the Shizen products I would love to try on...

Ta-da!!! My very first Shizens products :D Both skincare products, the Silky Renewal Gel (RM138 for 50ml) and SHUĬ (RM228 for 50ml) are Shizens star products ^^ Can't wait to try them both!!

Have you tried Shizens products before? How do you find it? Share with me yeh ^^

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