Monday, July 30, 2012

Regardless or Irregardless?

In one of the MUET* classes during Form 6, my Englist teacher, Ms Goh Hai Bee (I hope I spelled the name correctly) pointed out to us the common mistakes in English daily use.

One of the common mistakes is the usage of the word 'irregardless'.
I have heard this word so many times in the meetings I attended these few days, that it prompted me to initiate this post.

The correct word should be 'regardless'.

Most of the time, the user who employs this word wants to express that, "No matter A or B, this is the one".

For example, "Irregardless of the weather, we will proceed with the field trip."
In this example, the user actually means, "No matter it rains or shines, we will proceed to go on with the field trip."
Or, the user actually means, "Let's disregard the weather. We will proceed with the field trip."

So we would ‘not regard’ the weather. Means ‘no regard’. Means ‘regard-less’.

What happen if we use ‘irregardless’? 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Puzzle #2: 1 11 21 ?

Yeah, you read it right... the puzzle starts like this: 1 11 21 ? 

So what is the next number?

Ok, to give you one more clue: 1 11 21 1211 ?

Still not getting it? How about: 1 11 21 1211 111221 ?

Hecks, I can go on and on...but based on my experience, most people cannot figure out the pattern of the numbers, thus could not get the answer...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Bridal Affair with Tom Wedding City

Bridal shops and wedding services business are really blooming these few years, as many couples are now more willing to pay a bomb for that special occasion. Some spent more than 10k for the PS, and some went abroad to Bali, Korea, Perth, Taiwan etc for the scenery as a backdrop to their

As for me and my fh? We signed up a bridal package in January 2011 during a bridal fair at MidValley Megamall, without doing much research and have no idea on the plenty of choices we could have consider. Well, I think our impulsiveness was due to the thought that our wedding would be in the same year...

Anyway, we signed up with the first booth right in front of the entrance, Tom Wedding City (TOM = The Only Match), where the BS is actually located at Jalan Loke Yew...the staff that served us, Lily, was actually the MUA for the BS...because we were so 'naive' on wedding stuff that time, we didn't negotiate much but just listen and nod our heads, swiped the card and signed on the dotted lines without negotiating for extra =.=" Lily told us that since we were the first couple to sign up on that faithful day, we were given discount RM1k, so our package cost RM3k only...till now I'm not sure if she was just trying to make us feel lucky and also as a persuasion strategy lol, because I know the normal package at Tom Wedding City is also around RM3k only...

As our wedding postponed to October 2012, so do our pre-wedding PS. It finally happened in April 2012, after many phone calls by SA Helen to remind us lol...Helen talked very sweetly on the phone that it made me feel comfortable, haha good job...during our first meet-up, Helen told us that Lily has resigned from Tom, so we would be assigned another MUA...doesn't matter to me lah, haha...

So my SA is Helen, MUA is Jacquelyn and PG is CM...and album designer is Bing...our package costs us more than RM3.5k after upgrade, excluding miscellaneous such as fake eyelashes, ampoule, hairspray, nude bra and white wing collar shirt, which were sold at very marked-up price =.=" and we only got the basic usual stuff oh since we didn't negotiate much...

Note: Pictures below are not the actual album design...the BS didn't give us the design soft copies... Helen told me that the design would be additional RM30 per page =.="

This is our first image for the Tom exclusive themed shooting. I chose the dress during the gown fitting day, but not the background and setting. The setting that I chose should be dim lit and has flowers around...I'm not sure why the setting was changed without consulting us, and even worse I didn't voice out the wrong setting...stupid me...We chose 5 pictures only for this image, as many of the picture outcomes were really not nice and I looked really 'weird' from some angles...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Shape Night Run Roar...!!!

Compared to my last previous run, I manage to improve my timing for run this year...I finished 11.8km at about 1hour 45minutes...not bad huh? ^^ 

But the route for this run was definitely more difficult compared to the StandChart 2012, what more it was a night run (plants respire at night, I have to fight for oxygen =.=") It was up and down the road, cross bridges, circle the lake...I think I have ran really hard to the finishing line lol...

And oh... Men's Health and Shape Night Run is well-known to be giving a lot goodies and sponsored merchandise to the participants...Here's what I got:

Race Kit
Skechers Running Tee
Running Bib Number
Timing Chip

Pardon me for the not-so-nice picture...nicer picture at Shape webpage

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

I was at hubby's colleague's wedding dinner when I first heard of this song. This song was used as the photo montage background music of the beautiful couple's wedding day....immediately it made me felt warm and sappy hearing the song...what's more, it's for a wedding video!! My heart melt right away omg...!!

I was determined to find out the song title...I can't remember how exactly I found out, but months later I realized that the song is titled "A Thousand Years", voiced by Christina Perri. In fact, it is from the album "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack", not a Twilight fan, so pardon me :P :P

Review by a critic: "Initially, it sounds just a bit sappy and even a bit twee, however, stick with it and as the Waltz time begins to sway more and more the song moves into a bridge that is stunningly gorgeous. It then melts back down into a gentle place before sweeping along into a pleasing conclusion."

Wish more beautiful songs like this....♥♥

p/s: See also my choice of wedding songs ^^

Friday, July 13, 2012

Slimming Band for my *Fat* Arms

I am not fat, but I have *quite* fat arms...ugh, flabby arms...all the fat consumed over the KFC or McD meals seem love to converge to my arms... =.="

I want to look great on my wedding day...and so I'm looking for lazy way to lose the fat...then I saw a merchant from one of the many the group discount page offering the Upper Arm Slimming Band at only RM15....cheapest among other merchants selling the same product... ^^

 Picture source from Groupon. But the pair that I bought was not from Groupon...

Picture source from Groupon, another merchant...also more expensive compared to mine :P

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sneak Preview of My Pre-wedding Photo

Yesterday, we went to collect our albums and other stuff from the bridal shop that we engaged.... Excited?...jeng jeng jeng.....

The big photo frame for bedroom (24'x48'), smaller photo frame for '娘家' (18'x12'), big album (18'x12', fully designed), small album (08'x12', fully designed), album box, calendar for year 2013, love card (which is actually poker card), '姊妹' pictures (06'x04', 50 pieces), photo montage movement DVD (1 song), original photo file CD (70 poses)

This is the first page of the big's outdoor photoshooting...


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